12L Portable Pressure Shower Outdoor Shower Bag with Foot Pump and Shower Head Hose Solar Shower for Beach Camping Hiking Trip Showers Yellow 1fA7jM1Zo

12L Portable Pressure Shower Outdoor Shower Bag with Foot Pump and Shower Head Hose Solar Shower for Beach Camping Hiking Trip Showers Yellow 1fA7jM1Zo

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Portable Foldable
Ideal for campingbackpackingrafting tripsmusic festivalsand adventure travel.
Can be hung in tents or branches.
The solar shower bag is lightweight and foldableeasy to carryeasy to store.
Gives you a wonderful outdoor experience.


Name Portable Outdoor Shower Bag
Material barrel PVC; tap ABS pipe rubber
Capacity 12 L.
Bucket size (approx.) 43x17x17cm
Length of water pipe approx. 200 cm.
Usage BathingCar Washing and Much More


1. The water injection should not exceed the maximum water level line. The bottle body must have enough space to save the pressure.

2. When the safety valve exceeds a certain pressurethe air is automatically deflated. When under pressureit can be pressed dozens of times to achieve the required air pressure. Do not try to move as far as possible. If you have less wateryou should play more. If you have more wateryou will add less. The overpressure is automatically dismantled and does not leak.

3. If you do not use the device for a long timerelease the pressure in the bottle to reduce the loss of parts. If it is not used for a long time and the bottle is under pressurethis can lead to wear on the syringe parts. Please empty the bottlerelease the pressure and clean it to ensure a longer service life.

The camping shower adopted pressure type shower headsimply press it lightly with your handand the water flows out. Can easily control the water floweffectively rinse the body quicklyhold the switcheasy to open and closeconsume water when needed and save resources.
With the newly-designed foot pumpthis camping shower can deliver up to 12L of water at a steady speed for the same refreshing shower outdoors as you take back at home. The upgraded shower nozzle provides a convenient switchvery convenient to control water yield!
A great summer travel shower for campingroad tripcyclingand surfing. Works great as a pressure shower for washing carsbathing petsrinsing dishesand watering plants as well.
The installation of the camping shower is very simple 1.There is a red button on the top of the hose. Press the button and insert the water pipe connected to the foot pump. 2.There is a check valve on the foot pump. You have to open it and step on it to fill the portable shower with air. When your pedaling becomes a little laboriousit means that the air is full. 3.You can raise the nozzle's handle to keep the valve open and then let the water flow out.
Portable shower for camping is very easy to use. After the camping shower bag is installedjust fill it with waterplace the shower bag on the groundand step on the shower pump to start the shower. The portable camping shower bag works great as a water shower for washing cars,camping washing dishesbathing petsand water plants as well.

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