Camp Bathroom

Camp Bathroom
DUTUI Portable Outdoor Foot Pump Camping Sink Folding Wash Basin for Hikers Various Combinations Suitable for Campingwith Integrated Toilet Hygiene Sanitation Gray AV3noGH71

$100.26 $200.90

The portable camping sink makes it easy to use water outdoors.Use this portable washing machine dispenser to wash handsfood and even drinks.The camping sink only needs to step on the foot pump to provide water flowthus realizing hands-free operation.The camping sink is made of high-grade durable plastic.The sink system of this portable towel and soap dispenser can be disassembled for easy transpor..

Expel Well Portable Handwashing Station Portable Sink for Washing Hands Small Outdoor Sink Station with Tank Self Contained Portable Hand Washing Station with Foot Pump Hygiene Sanitation Gray sX3RnNAP9

$100.29 $200.86

PORTABLE HANDWASHING STATION Foot pump allows for hands-free cleaningmaking it more user friendly Lower unit sumped drain plug allows for easy draining and cleaning Quick Fill Port easy plug removal with no tools required Liquid Soap Dispenser and Paper Towel Dispenser included 22.5 gallon freshwater tank lasts estimated 1,400 pumps of waterHeight - 54Width - 18.5Length - 31.5Fresh Water Capacity-..

Portable Sink with hot water Mobile Concession 4 Compartment Trash Bags White E5gwTe6QU

$100.20 $200.98

A simple yet practical design meets most licensing health department requirements for sanitation. Portable and easy to plug in. It will run cold and hot water from the faucets. Completely assembled and ready to use as soon as need it. 4 compartment stainless steel NFS approved sink. These portable sinks are high quality and durable. Cabinet is made out of are injection molded polypropylene that is..

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