Carimee 75 Fixed Blade Knife Pocket Knife 75RB Fixed Blade Knives Rainbow spPzGfyoF

Carimee 75 Fixed Blade Knife Pocket Knife 75RB Fixed Blade Knives Rainbow spPzGfyoF

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Karambit Knives Story

When people see the karambit knife for the first timethey are fall in love by the design. It is difficult to find a knife that excites enthusiasts more than the karambit knife. People are usually attracted by the unique shape and appearance of the karambit knife at firstbut they soon discovered it's not only attractivebut also extremely practical.
One of the biggest advantages of the claw knife is that its size is very compact and easy to hide. When the knife is used in close combatCooperated with an unexpected attackeven in the hands of a beginnerit is almost unstoppable.

Features Excellent Design-Full Tang With Finger LoopThe Finger Loop allows the user to ensure their control of the karambit claw knife in any stateeven when they are about to lose their balance. The finger loop also increases the speed and reliability during useand at the same time can ensure that the knife is always in the best position for usewithout the user's need to look away from the work.
Premium MaterialUtilizing our specially formulated 420 S stainless rainbow finish steel your knife is constructed to be RustproofWearable. and Sharp. Black finger grooved textured rubberized handle with oversized striker ring pommel. The handle adopts an Anti-skid design of ABS plastic handle provides a comfortable grip and high maneuverability.
Stylish Practical The karambit claw knife has a unique shape and appearance so that lets all cutter fanatics excite. Besidesto be extremely deterrent in appearancethe karambit claw knife is also very effective in actual use. It can be quicklyconceal and accurately end a violent conflict. Perfectly suitable for outdoor activitiessuch as huntingfishingcampingor fighting survivalself-defense.
Weight Size Weight 0.26lbKnife total length 7.5 incheseasy to carry. The karambit claw knife has a black plastic belt sheath with a utility pocket and lanyard easy to clip on your belt or backpack.
AttentionThe blade is sharp do not let kids under 13 play or use it. Please be careful. CARIMEE provides 24 months warranty and excellent after-sales service. After using in water environment wipes the water offand before put in the sheath put some lubricants to maintain the lifetime of karambit claw knife.

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