Fixed Blade Knives with Sheath 5 Inches Small Pocket Knife High Carbon Stainless Steel Plate Point for Outdoor Survival Camping Hiking Fixed Blade Knives Wood ccS9iD7Av

Fixed Blade Knives with Sheath 5 Inches Small Pocket Knife High Carbon Stainless Steel Plate Point for Outdoor Survival Camping Hiking Fixed Blade Knives Wood ccS9iD7Av

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The SOUDAO brand company has been committed to providing high-quality knives and tools for enthusiasts. We have a professional design teamand continue to introduce new products that meet the needs of outdooradventurecamping and survival. In the production process of more than ten yearswe insist on using high-quality materials and advanced technology to produce excellent outdoor knives and multi-function tools.

Clip Point

This type of knife is most suitable for cutting fur. The tip of the knife is shaped like a trianglewhich is very sharp and can easily cut in without damaging the fur. The 2.4 oz weight will not bring you a lot of burdenso it is suitable for traveling far away. At the same timethis knife has the function of a butcher knife which can help you in outdoor activities or daily life.

Sheep Foot

Typical water activities knives. It is the best knife for fishing enthusiastswhich can easily handle the fish caught. The 2.4 oz weight will not affect any of your movements. At the same timebecause of the high safety of this knifeit is often used as a rescue knifeand can give you the help you need in divingcamping and other activities.

Plate Point

The knife that is the least likely to hurt your hands. The weight of 2.2 oz makes your movements smoother than other heavier tools. With the best cutting effectit is the best choice for slicing. Whether it is camping planing branches or food slicing in cookingit can be easily solved. Will definitely become the most effective helper in outdoor activities and daily life.

Gut Hook

A knife specially made for hunting. The unique design has a special purpose. The hook blade on the knife body can make a smooth incision without damaging the internal organs. At the same timeusing this structure can cut the rope more effortlessly. The weight of 2.2 oz will not create any burdenallowing you to move quickly without any worries. It will definitely be a powerful helper for outdoor enthusiasts.

Clip Point

Sheep Foot

Plate Point

Gut Hook

The Reason of Choose Our Products

High Carbon Stainless Steel

The best material for outdoor knives. It has the strength and durability that is most suitable for outdoor activitieseasy to clean and corrosion resistant. Our products are made of high-quality stainless steelwhich meets the standards of outdoor knives. Hope it can be your most powerful little helper.

Rosewood Handle

The handle made by Rosewood has a high hardness and a beautiful appearance. This gives the whole knife the aura of nobility. Rosewood can give you a comfortable feel when workingwithout putting too much pressure on your hands. Whether it is used as a tool or as a displayit will be a good choice and will not let you lose dignity.


The blade and the handle core are the same piece of steelwhich means it is not a combination knife. The advantage of this design is that it can load a certain degree of high-intensity work without breakingand it is more comfortable at work. At the same timeit gives the knife a beautiful streamlined shape.

Easy to Carry

The sheath can be easily hung on the beltbackpack belt or other belt-like items through the sheath provided by us. Enable you to use our products anytimeanywhereand make your activities more flexible. Of coursethis sheath can be cleanedand it is made of nylonwhich is very durable. At the same timeby equipping our products in this wayyou will be more handsome.


Best Gift Ever

We have beautiful outer packaging. The matte black makes the whole look more texturedand the silver logo is shiny and eye-catching. Our products are very suitable for use as a tool or as a collection display. It is a perfect gift choice for Father's dayChristmasHalloweenEasterValentine's DayThanksgiving and other holidays or business gifts.

1. Choose according to purpose We have a variety of knife types for you to choose for EDC. Please choose the right knife according to your actual usewhich can make your work more efficient.

2. Material of blade Knives required for outdoor activities require corrosion-resistanthigh-strength materials. High-quality stainless steel is the best choice. Our products are made of 425M steelwhich meets this requirement very well.

3.Size and weight The overall length of our knife is 5 inches and the weight is 2.4 oz. It is smaller and lighter than other types of knivesand the sheath can be hung on the beltwhich is very convenient to everyday carry.

4.Blade length and shape A sharp blade is ideal for puncturing and cuttingit is the most suitable type for hikingand between 2.0'' to 2.5" can handle most of the daily work.

All knives we sell are made to provide reliable service. Like most equipmentknives need a little care. Here are a few tips to Maintenance your knife

1.Keep your knife and sheath dry.

2.Keep your knife and sheath clean.

3.Keep your knife oiled.

4.Keep your knife sharp.

5.Do not attempt self-repair. This may create an unsafe condition.


  • Overall Length 5 inches (125 mm)
  • Blade Length 2.5 inches (63 mm)
  • Blade thickness 5 mm
  • Blade Hardness Small and Lightweight 5 inches overall length with a blade length of 2.5 inches which is small size that easy to carry. 2.2 oz weight is very suitable for outdoor activities.
    Awesome Material The thickened high-quality stainless steel ensures the hardness and durability of the knife. The handle made of Rosewood not only has high hardnessbut also provides a comfortable grip.
    Human Design Ergonomic design can reduce fatigue during use. The integration of the blade and handle not only provides durability but also gives it a beautiful streamlined appearance. The included washable nylon knife cover is very durable and practicaland it can also be easily hung on the belt.
    Practical Blade Gather the types of safety and practicality. It is very suitable for slicing work and will not hurt yourself easily when using it. It is useful for outdoor activities and delicate homework in daily life.
    Exquisite Outer Packing Box Comes with a beautiful outer packagingwhich is very suitable as a gift box. As a giftbecause our products can be used in a wide rangenot only can be given to outdoor enthusiastsbut also can be given to relatives and friends as a daily toolvery suitable for Father's DayMother's DayBlack FridayAnniversary and other festival or business events.
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