Freeze Dried Food

Freeze Dried Food
1 Can of Future Essentials Beef Base Powder Freeze Dried Food Silver j2FMgRFmN

$16.17 $32.81

NO MSG#2.5 Can / 16oz This beef base is in a powdered form and can be used in soupsgravy or as a broth! SHELF LIFE 5+years and longer if refrigerated. Re-hydration is easyJust add water. NO MSGPerfect for soup basesLong Shelf Life..

1 Can of Future Essentials Canned Freeze Dried Sweet Corn Freeze Dried Food PACK 94Qlmz42o

$15.20 $30.82

#2.5 Can / 4.5oz No additives or preservatives have been added to this product. Shelf Life 25+ years under ideal storage conditions (a cooldry place). CannedEasy to makeLong Shelf Life..

1 Case12 Cans of Future Essentials Canned Freeze Dried Chopped Broccoli Freeze Dried Food Black iUvVwRSWi

$100.62 $200.80

12 (1.8oz) #2.5 Cans are packed neatly in a case for easy storing. Reconstitution Directions are on the label. Ingredients Broccoli. No additives or preservatives.SHELF LIFE 25+ years Cannedready to useLong Shelf Life..

204gX10 one element of Nagatanien Kanimi fried rice Freeze Dried Food OZ7rWs3jn
AASAN Sabzi Polo Dehydrated Vegetables 25 oz Pack of 6 Freeze Dried Food Black FnOZTz5nT

$30.29 $59.85

The modern way to use VegetablesQuick and EconomicalProduced from best quality fresh vegetablesEach Sabzi Polo bag for 8 Servings. Kosher CertifiedProduct of CaliforniaUSAReady to use..

AlpineAire Foods Black Bart Chili with Beans Freeze Dried Food PACK ErcqrRNYq

$13.95 $27.99

Product DescriptionA spicy Beef and Bean Chili that will leave you wanting morea Chili Lovers favorite.Amazon.comCooked freeze-dried diced beefblack beans*pinto beans*tomato flakes*potato starchspicessea salttomatoes*red green bell peppers*garlic granulesonions*jalapeno powder. *dehydrated Frequently Asked Questions How long will the food last Most products have a 3-5 year shelf life under proper ..

AlpineAire Foods Stroganoff with Beef and Noodles Freeze Dried Food PACK IixFpr88F

$13.81 $27.62

Product DescriptionNo mushroom soup with noodles here. Pasta and beef swimming in a rich sour cream sauce make this Stroganoff the winner.Amazon.comPasta [durum semolina (enriched with niacinferrous sulfatethiamine mononitrateriboflavinand folic acid)]sour cream powder [sour cream (cream solidscultured nonfat milk)citric acidTBHQ]cooked freeze-dried diced beefpotato starchwhey powderparmesan chees..

American Red Cross 7 Day Emergency Food Supply with Dry Bag Freeze Dried Food DiyonprUA
Augason Farms 72Hour 1Person Emergency Food Supply Kit 4 lbs 1 oz Freeze Dried Food Black y8pnTU2FE

$32.34 $64.36

The Augason Farms 72-hour 1-person emergency food supply provides 42 total servings and an unprecedented 2667 calories per day. Five easy-to-prepare meal varieties-including breakfastlunchdinner and a fruit snack-are packaged in a convenientgrab-and-go pail. Food storage can often seem intimidating. Knowing what to gethow to make meals with what you haveand how to make sure you stay nourished in c..

Augason Farms Chocolate Morning Moos Low Fat Milk Alternative 19 oz 25 Can Freeze Dried Food Black qNhnFzNCo

$31.87 $64.33

The Augason Farms chocolate morning Moo's low fat milk alternative makes a delicious milk chocolate beverage with all the advantages of regular morning Moo's. A whey-based beverage formulated to look and taste like chocolate milkmost people describe it as richer and thicker. It tastes great when served chilledjust like chocolate milk. It's as nutritious as it is deliciouswith natural calcium and a..

Augason Farms Dairy and Egg Combo No 10 Can 3Pack Freeze Dried Food Black E5eG0WZjL

$100.98 $200.82

The Augason Farms Dairy and Egg Combo Pack includes three food itemseggsbutter and milkthat are normally perishable. But in this kitthey become storableon hand for any emergencylarge or small. A comprehensive store of food will always include such perishables because they are so desirable in cooking and baking. This kit consists of 315 servings and 16020 calories with up to a 20 year shelf life! P..

Augason Farms Freeze Dried Pineapple Chunks 12 oz No 10 Can Freeze Dried Food Black cKp9m3KHi

$45.05 $90.87

The Augason Farms Freeze Dried Pineapple Chunks 12 oz Number 10 Can are a great source of vitamin C and makes a delicious snack. This is a Certified Gluten Free and an all natural product that consists of 34 Servings and 1,190 Calorieswith a shelf-life of up to 30 years. All this convenience is perfect for Food StorageEmergenciesSurvivalCampingand Everyday Use! Make the wise decision and let Augas..

Augason Farms Freeze Dried Whole Blueberries 12 oz No 10 Can Freeze Dried Food PACK CvDpEbU0J

$51.98 $104.38

he Augason Farms Freeze Dried Whole Blueberries 12 oz #10 Can are a delicious and nutritious snack right out of the can that everyone is sure to enjoy. When reconstitutedthey mix easily and beautifully in pancakesgranolamuffins and cheesecake. That means they are ideal for everyday useas well as for emergency food storage. This is a Certified Gluten-Free and an all natural product that consists of..

Augason Farms Freeze Dried Whole Raspberries 8 oz No 10 Can Freeze Dried Food Black GNMrxoGRH

$40.93 $82.67

The Augason Farms Freeze Dried Whole Raspberries 8 oz #10 Can are a healthy and delicious snackrich in Vitamin C. They enhance any recipe with tartfull-bodied raspberry flavor. Rehydrate them for use on breakfast cerealin deserts and fruit dishes. Naturallythey lend themselves to everyday use as well as long term storage. this is a Certified Gluten Free and an all natural product that consists of ..

Augason Farms Gluten Free Black Bean Burger 16 lbs 2 oz 4 Gallon Pail Freeze Dried Food Black tqL3TthsH

$80.43 $159.89

The Augason Farms Black Bean Burger is USDA-certified Gluten freewhich will help you feel lighter and betterand provide the necessary health benefits that are required by people suffering from Celiac disease. Another great benefit is that they taste great; their robust and complex flavor is relished by even meat lovers. Being a vegetarian doesn't mean your emergency food storage will be lacking in..

Augason Farms Italiano Marinara Lasagna SUPER CAN with 3 Pouches Freeze Dried Food Black wvIwknXeH

$20.14 $40.86

Tender pastasavory marinara sauceherbs and spices blend perfectly in this delicious Lasagna. Augason Farms Italiano Marinara Lasagna is perfect for busy nightscamping trips and emergency food storage. Lasagna has never been so tasty and easy to prepare! Whisk the contents into boiling watersimmer and enjoy. Serve with freeze dried vegetablesa fresh side salador warm bread or keep as part of your e..

Augason Farms Orange Delight Drink Mix 22 oz 25 Can Freeze Dried Food Black A3y4lzu3K

$50.87 $100.88

The Augason Farms orange delight drink mix is a superbtangy thirst quencher and a great source of vitamin C. This #2.5 can consists of 24 servings and 2,400 calories with up to a 15 year shelf life! perfect for food storageemergenciessurvivalcampingand everyday use! make the wise decision and let Augason Farms give you a peace of mind that's as indispensable as it is delicious. Family owned and op..

Augason Farms Ready Now Emergency Food Supply with Farmhouse Potatoes Includes Emergency Water and Utensils PrepinPouch Meals Camping Mess Kit 25Year Shelf Life Freeze Dried Food Black nk5yVJRj5

$24.28 $47.56

Ready now is what you want to be when times get tough. Augason Farms READY NOW Emergency Food and Water supply makes that happen with no-cookno-heatgreat-tasting meals. Youll have the water you need for food preparation and drinking (no water filter needed!)plus utensils (two sporks)strawnapkinand salt and pepper. With 1,010 total calories and 41 grams of proteinthe breakfastlunchand dinners were ..

Augason Farms Scrambled Egg Mix 2 lbs 4 oz No10 Can Freeze Dried Food Black z4EOzKHFm

$38.32 $75.85

The Augason Farms Dried Scrambled Egg Mix is a great tastinghigh quality item for your emergency storage and everyday needs. This scrambled egg mix is a special blend of whole eggs and other quality productsperfected to cook up like fresh scrambled eggs by simply adding water. No refrigeration is requiredmaking them great for campingas well as everyday use and long term storage.No matter the caset..

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