Giantex 20 Quart Portable Cooler Ice Chest Outdoor Insulated Heavy Duty Cooler with Carrying Handle Fishing Hunting Sports Coolers Black XFdfeHX2I

Giantex 20 Quart Portable Cooler Ice Chest Outdoor Insulated Heavy Duty Cooler with Carrying Handle Fishing Hunting Sports Coolers Black XFdfeHX2I

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Dont hesitate to Choose This Cooler!

Our premium Outside Cooler is undoubtedly your good go-outsideassistant. Italways maintains a desired temperature for a long time andquite suitable forthe storage and transportation of foodfruit andbeverages. Whether you have apartygo for a picnicfishing or camping,take a self-driving travelit willnot fail your expectation to get theinstant fresh food and keep your food infresh. No need for chargeyoucan take it everywhere you like with thisenvironmental friendly item forits portable performance. Dont hesitate to buyit now!

Easy-to-Carry for Any Activity

  • Fishing or on Seaside

  • Any Outdoor Activity

  • Portable in the Car

  • Cup Holer on Top

  • Top Handle Convenient for Carrying

  • Lid Lock

  • Drainage Hole

  • Material LLPDE+PU Foamed-Filled insulation
  • Capacity 20QT
  • Weight 16.5lbs
  • Color White
  • Inside dimensions 14.4"(L) x 8.7"(W) x 10.4"(H)
  • Outside dimensions 20.1"(L) x 13"(W) x 15"(H)
  • Drain plug diameter 1.18
  • Insulation thickness 1.77

Cool DrinksCool Summer

Features of Cooler

  • Brand new and high quality
  • Iron handle
  • Durable and dependable
  • Premium sturdiness
  • Better accommodate your glass
  • Portable performance
  • Long cooling time with ice
  • Wild applicationpartycampingtravelkayakingsailing and day trips
  • Environmental friendliness

Keep Cool The insulation design enables to cool your items perfectly. It maintains a desired temperature for a long time and quite suitable for the storage and transportation of foodfruit and beverages. The side plug design can drain your water away from this cooler box easily.
Last Long Using Integrated pure white body with comfort black top handleour outdoor cooler made up with LLPDE and PU which is shatter-resistant can perfectly stand up to the test of time and rigorous situation. It aims to bring you an in-style using durability and a longtime using satisfaction can surely be guaranteed.
Portable Design The comfortable top handle allows you to take it hither and thitherwhich makes instant fresh food can also be come true during your outside activities. Its sturdy construction can also stand up to the rigors of your journey. The design of rubber buckle and seal ring can well prevent water leakage.
Wide Application Good helper for you when go outside. Featuring portableit can be applied in various situationswhen you go for a long-distance self-drive travelor you go out for a picnic and campingor you use it as a moveable medical cooler boxetc. There is no doubt it plays an important role in outside activities.
Strong Practicability The graduation (scale) on the item enables you measure your gains when you go fishing. And there is a special design to accommodate your cups or glasses. Besidesthe two front corners are also a good helper as a corkscrew. Energy conservation as its main purposeit totally depends on ice cooler and insulation giving you an environmental friendly experience which doubles your joy of traveling.

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